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In the abstracts of Newton’s brain There spawned a concept of a Limit And applied it has showed time and again, All that ever is and will be; must follow this in spirit Let’s displace this abstract – Remove it … Continue reading

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Who am I?

In this complex dynamic being, Are there any variables that are constant? If one day I cease to stop acting – In me might cause revolutionary onset… But are these nuances the centrality of me, Just a collection of idiosyncrasies? … Continue reading

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Un Poema

My first crack at a poem in Spanish (despite it being my native language, how embarrassing)
(if you don’t know spanish you can /try/ using a translator, I don’t think it’ll work very well but you might get an idea of whats going on) Continue reading

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Terrible Son

Of the worse kind of child All think it, but none revile Unreliable, unaware, and undeserving But a burning desire to do what’s right, is yearning Life never progresses as you believe it should Hoping that your actions will be … Continue reading

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In the Dark

Absolutely terrifying; the feeling of uncertainty Taking root in an empty space, instilling a sense of urgency It’s true, the worst is not knowing – While events remain ongoing, Equally troubling is being disempowered The ability to act accordingly – … Continue reading

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