Originally started as a project to bridge a weathered relationship by the lashings of immaturity and psychotic behavior, it quickly divulged into a false-hope.

Unwavered by it, erudition in many aspects of mine personal life and subsequent moral quandaries make a great platform for the “poetry” posted here.

I don’t understand what socially-driven media is supposed to do, but as in times of Socratic seminars feedback always plays an ever important role in learned validation. I firmly believe these thoughts should always be part of an open forum.

I’d like to say Domonique has since developed and flowered as a person, but my bias judgment holds disdain for much of what she does, as it always appears childish to me.

I’d like to say I’ve since developed and blossomed as a person, but my bias judgment holds disdain for all the fuck-ups I do, it always appears foolish to me.

Me and she, we’re good people, just not to each other.
And as long as we continue to be, I will keep this page as about me and she –
As a show of good spirit, that one day she’ll come back, and we can be we, as Friends.


3 Responses to About

  1. Jingle says:

    nice to meet you…


    u shall get these awards…
    now it is time to let you know our community, what I believe and do.

    • oh yeah, no problem i completely agree. We should get the word out, thank you for your continuing effort for our blog and if you ever feel we should participate in another poetry rally please feel free to do so.

  2. Hi, nice to meet you !

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