Ramblings of a Madman

I spoke with my other today
He say, she say, it’s to late for me, it say
Sanity is fragile, prodigiously curious –
Precariously balanced -> or unbalanced

Sometimes the vessel cracks…unsurprisingly
The world seems a tasteless farce; is a tasteless farce.
Distinction is in the view, unwittingly –
Should it be malleable or so very terse

Maybe, the created were going for a feel — epigrammatic?
Either way, I prefer the feel, of what’s in my head
Than the vibes I get from looking ahead…

Remember, people have the ability to change —
they have the ability to get fucking worse.

© Luis Valencia

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Introversion of the Burlesque

Behind smiles and cheerfulness, the vicious and profligate will shine
Leading you on, unwaveringly, off a cliff
Leaving you and your hopes to reprine –

Ubiquitous lies obscured as interim acts
Behind the guise of sweet words, expunged by the licentious
Belauding the ideal; forgo the obvious as deciduous – transient – facts

Elated if only for a fleeting second
A proposition can keep your spirit aflutter
A passing moment, rights infringed, how obtund…

How to respite animosity so fecund?

© Luis Valencia

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Absolutely in – fatuous,
the unabridged possibilities you surface –
and of the mind, how could a fellow human being could be so sticky?

A vision of you projected,
wanted, and wanting to discover
your layers should be uncovered.

I want you — naked.
Raw in spirit, achieving absolution.
Two kindred spirits unhooked.
On a higher plane we must wonder, to be unhinged of the carnal.

Don’t let your frivolous desires weigh you down.
Ascension is a path to happiness.

© Luis Valencia

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In my naïveté, I thought of you only as a hindrance
Repression and remission —
And as the season’s whisk away, I am swayed by remembrance.

Of a time distant and gone when you were still present
Instead the echo of an inner drop scales the empty(ness);
Resonates to the core, are you even sentient?

Purgatory of the mind
A life – just half, cannot be
While the years are not unkind,
Your absence means I’m half of me.

With such rigor I drove you out
A buffer from the brain and to the heart.
The self, so frail, subsides to erosion –

A person if only half alive – when having drove away,
the “unwanted,” the emotion

© Luis Valencia

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A Sincere Apology?

Dearest ::Anonymous:: your image is imprinted
in my soul the pen has inkéd
and whilst you may try to rub it away
a permanent mark has been made to stay

you get your eraser and rub furiously
like on paper you make a rip
a reconciliation I picture deliriously
I’d like to say, don’t even trip

but in your persona I’ve made a bigger mess
it seems i riddle you with stress
and to mine persona, this thought is persistent
I’d only wish you weren’t so resistant

on 11:11 I make the same wish
that my heart – you stop making it squish
and I feel silly, this may be cliché
the reality is i do it because I’d wish you’d stay

the truth is I’m clueless, that’s the nature of men
but this particular one, wants to be forgiven
I may not know what I did
but I really am clueless, lest you forbid

So enlighten me so that i might
right the wrong that I’ve made in our plight

so don’t let my clueless-ness bother you such
because the reality is I love you thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much

© Luis Valencia

(an old poem I found under a ton of papers, I don’t even remember why or for who it was written)

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This blog will be updating soon

a big shout out to Jingle

and to the Poetry community thank you for commenting, we’ll be back soon 😉

*with a whole grip of poems =D



In the abstracts of Newton’s brain
There spawned a concept of a Limit
And applied it has showed time and again,
All that ever is and will be; must follow this in spirit

Let’s displace this abstract –
Remove it form the field of math and physics.
And turn the light and to it adapt
The relatable study of civics.

With our current infrastructure,
There exist a variety of that which is undefined.
If everything can be subject to a filibuster,
Anything can be undermined…

Our limits grow exponentially –
But if a new structure we were to put in place…
Let’s make it work transparent and interdepartmentally;
Our limits we might efface

And a more prefect union will have been created.

© Luis Valencia

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Who am I?

In this complex dynamic being,
Are there any variables that are constant?
If one day I cease to stop acting –
In me might cause revolutionary onset…

But are these nuances the centrality of me,
Just a collection of idiosyncrasies?
This implies a build-up from a generic base
Just a filter, a capture, of the world we face

This idea of a Tabula rasa; can I hit that base again?
Start from the beginning.

© Luis Valencia

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Un Poema

Agonizando los días que ya han sido –
En la solitud de mi vestíbulo
Regresan imagines de algún tiempo, ya distante,
Y de nuevo late un sentimiento.
El tamaño – la semilla de un membrillo.

Vuestros tiempos ya se han ido
Pero la memoria de tus ojos, no se ha perdido
Tu aliento contra mi alma
Todavía aun me hace falta

Ruego a dios que algún día,
Mientras estoy joven todavía…
Haya alguien que llene el hueco
Con urgencia, pues mi corazón se hace seco

Incertidumbre consume mi ser
Conforme tiempo pasa, mis sentimientos se entumecen
Y la esperanza se pierde , y de dolor tengo que padecer
Mientras tanto, mis sentimientos se expiden –

A un mar, muy lejos de ti.

© Luis Valencia

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Terrible Son

Of the worse kind of child
All think it, but none revile
Unreliable, unaware, and undeserving
But a burning desire to do what’s right, is yearning

Life never progresses as you believe it should
Hoping that your actions will be understood
You forget common sense and that to you I consign
Because life’s fastidiousness eats away at time

That said, I should’ve been there, then and now
Instead you lie in a room afraid, again

And to feel that this was not something I just allowed
Well, I’ll just have to pretend –

I’m sorry you’re in the hospital and I’m not there.

© Luis Valencia

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