Ramblings of a Madman

I spoke with my other today
He say, she say, it’s to late for me, it say
Sanity is fragile, prodigiously curious –
Precariously balanced -> or unbalanced

Sometimes the vessel cracks…unsurprisingly
The world seems a tasteless farce; is a tasteless farce.
Distinction is in the view, unwittingly –
Should it be malleable or so very terse

Maybe, the created were going for a feel — epigrammatic?
Either way, I prefer the feel, of what’s in my head
Than the vibes I get from looking ahead…

Remember, people have the ability to change —
they have the ability to get fucking worse.

© Luis Valencia

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Introversion of the Burlesque

Behind smiles and cheerfulness, the vicious and profligate will shine
Leading you on, unwaveringly, off a cliff
Leaving you and your hopes to reprine –

Ubiquitous lies obscured as interim acts
Behind the guise of sweet words, expunged by the licentious
Belauding the ideal; forgo the obvious as deciduous – transient – facts

Elated if only for a fleeting second
A proposition can keep your spirit aflutter
A passing moment, rights infringed, how obtund…

How to respite animosity so fecund?

© Luis Valencia

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Absolutely in – fatuous,
the unabridged possibilities you surface –
and of the mind, how could a fellow human being could be so sticky?

A vision of you projected,
wanted, and wanting to discover
your layers should be uncovered.

I want you — naked.
Raw in spirit, achieving absolution.
Two kindred spirits unhooked.
On a higher plane we must wonder, to be unhinged of the carnal.

Don’t let your frivolous desires weigh you down.
Ascension is a path to happiness.

© Luis Valencia

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In my naïveté, I thought of you only as a hindrance
Repression and remission —
And as the season’s whisk away, I am swayed by remembrance.

Of a time distant and gone when you were still present
Instead the echo of an inner drop scales the empty(ness);
Resonates to the core, are you even sentient?

Purgatory of the mind
A life – just half, cannot be
While the years are not unkind,
Your absence means I’m half of me.

With such rigor I drove you out
A buffer from the brain and to the heart.
The self, so frail, subsides to erosion –

A person if only half alive – when having drove away,
the “unwanted,” the emotion

© Luis Valencia

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A Sincere Apology?

Dearest ::Anonymous:: your image is imprinted
in my soul the pen has inkéd
and whilst you may try to rub it away
a permanent mark has been made to stay

you get your eraser and rub furiously
like on paper you make a rip
a reconciliation I picture deliriously
I’d like to say, don’t even trip

but in your persona I’ve made a bigger mess
it seems i riddle you with stress
and to mine persona, this thought is persistent
I’d only wish you weren’t so resistant

on 11:11 I make the same wish
that my heart – you stop making it squish
and I feel silly, this may be cliché
the reality is i do it because I’d wish you’d stay

the truth is I’m clueless, that’s the nature of men
but this particular one, wants to be forgiven
I may not know what I did
but I really am clueless, lest you forbid

So enlighten me so that i might
right the wrong that I’ve made in our plight

so don’t let my clueless-ness bother you such
because the reality is I love you thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much

© Luis Valencia

(an old poem I found under a ton of papers, I don’t even remember why or for who it was written)

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This blog will be updating soon

a big shout out to Jingle

and to the Poetry community thank you for commenting, we’ll be back soon 😉

*with a whole grip of poems =D



In the abstracts of Newton’s brain
There spawned a concept of a Limit
And applied it has showed time and again,
All that ever is and will be; must follow this in spirit

Let’s displace this abstract –
Remove it form the field of math and physics.
And turn the light and to it adapt
The relatable study of civics.

With our current infrastructure,
There exist a variety of that which is undefined.
If everything can be subject to a filibuster,
Anything can be undermined…

Our limits grow exponentially –
But if a new structure we were to put in place…
Let’s make it work transparent and interdepartmentally;
Our limits we might efface

And a more prefect union will have been created.

© Luis Valencia

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