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Clouds Ahead

Echoes of Violence and horror have me distraught The formation of problems which I have given much aforethought My lack of ability to stop this formation keeps me from sleep That recursively makes me reluctant to eat What to do … Continue reading

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Go Forth

Never thought of it that way Sentiments like such, ruin my days, making me s t r a y from you. All in my head, possibly these words you said linger; No reason to believe and no reason to forget … Continue reading

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Los Angeles

Why would anyone want to live in a city where life so hard? Whose every aspect is untoward Offensive to all five senses Composed completely of pretenses A place infested with moral devastation There is an abundance of diseased hoes … Continue reading

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Warm hearts find their niche in the arms of those who wait not too long for feelings move and people become renewed. Glistening eyes find their hold in time, so deep, they compete for truth, love, and acceptance. Brown, blue, … Continue reading

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Dazed and Stoic I spend my days Jaded my mind stays arrested in a haze Hollow, my perceptions echo in my cranium Seen, not processed, I yield, to the control of a totalitarian A ruthless take over I don’t know … Continue reading

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Sweet Nothing

So sweet, so sticky always nice and never hissy that’s a lie it’s hard to find, sometimes. Still, so sweet and delicious melting on my tongue makin’ the tip so sweet. Upon a time it was always there with such … Continue reading

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