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Poetry Year Long Project between Luis Valencia and the Brilliant, Beautiful, and Vivace Domonique Celeste Alcaraz.

Ramblings of a Madman

I spoke with my other today He say, she say, it’s to late for me, it say Sanity is fragile, prodigiously curious – Precariously balanced -> or unbalanced Sometimes the vessel cracks…unsurprisingly The world seems a tasteless farce; is a … Continue reading

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Introversion of the Burlesque

Behind smiles and cheerfulness, the vicious and profligate will shineLeading you on, unwaveringly, off a cliffLeaving you and your hopes to reprine – Ubiquitous lies obscured as interim actsBehind the guise of sweet words, expunged by the licentious Belauding the … Continue reading

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Infectious.Infestuous.Absolutely in – fatuous,the unabridged possibilities you surface –and of the mind, how could a fellow human being could be so sticky? Incurable.Introspective.A vision of you projected,wanted, and wanting to discoveryour layers should be uncovered. Naked.I want you — naked.Raw … Continue reading

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In my naïveté, I thought of you only as a hindranceRepression and remission —And as the season’s whisk away, I am swayed by remembrance. Of a time distant and gone when you were still presentInstead the echo of an inner … Continue reading

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A Sincere Apology?

Dearest ::Anonymous:: your image is imprinted in my soul the pen has inkéd and whilst you may try to rub it away a permanent mark has been made to stay you get your eraser and rub furiously like on paper … Continue reading

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This blog will be updating soon a big shout out to Jingle and to the Poetry community thank you for commenting, we’ll be back soon 😉 *with a whole grip of poems =D



In the abstracts of Newton’s brain There spawned a concept of a Limit And applied it has showed time and again, All that ever is and will be; must follow this in spirit Let’s displace this abstract – Remove it … Continue reading

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