Unlike those who, of you, have much to reproach
I’m not here to take your name and besmirch (it)
Hitherto there has not been a subject so pure
At least nothing that defies your intoxicating allure

Perhaps that’s why others find you hard to understand
Their mind, by the non-pure, has been tainted
And it’s time these corrupted sciences, we reprimand
With you, they should become acquainted

Anything that doesn’t require formal proofs
Should become a pseudo-science
That way we might stand aloof
And “fake” scientists shall not cause our fields’ subsidence

© Luis Valencia

About luisydomonique

Poetry Year Long Project between Luis Valencia and the Brilliant, Beautiful, and Vivace Domonique Celeste Alcaraz.
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21 Responses to Mathematics

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  2. Jingle says:

    love this,
    beautiful perspective of mathematics…
    you are super smart, don’t you know?

  3. Jingle says:

    have fun!

    glad to see you in.
    I don’t want to make people feel pressed, thus try to be gentle, at times letting go.
    feel free to come any time you wish to attend the rally.

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  5. kyoichi says:

    hearing this monologue from a subject so hated made me think of my days tackling proofs and entities. i never did find out what they’re for in real life other than develop one’s logic skills.

    nice piece by the way =]


  6. mairmusic says:

    I do love the absolute nature of math– nicely written!

  7. siubhan says:

    i do agreethere is a beauty in mathematics, a mysteriousness and sense of the absolute; but i think you contradict yourself here when you say that you’re not here to “besmirch” and then go on to do just that, calling other sciences “corrupted” and “fake.” there are many paths to truth, my friend.

    also, was wondering if you do poetry in Spanish as well? have a feeling that some of your work here might stand out even more clearly…

  8. lynnaima says:

    Lol, still not one of my fave subjects lol

  9. Owen says:

    haha I like the curve you put on mathematics =]

  10. Hikkii-chan says:

    As a mathematical physicist I wholeheartedly appreciated this poem. It’s axiomatically sound … it’s a power set of ideas … a real complex (snicker) of ideas. ^_^ More like this, please!!!

  11. 2zpoint says:

    I will have my Associates in Mathematics in a little more than a month…this piece really speaks my language man! but the funniest thing about upper level math is the fuzzy areas that it starts to try to define those places math seems just as lost as the other science which gets me wondering what we really do know…Peace be with you man! keep it comin’! you keep me thinkin’!

  12. jgrow2 says:

    Mathematics is indeed the language of science and the door into what is really real.

    This is a cogent and lovely defense of it. Well done.

  13. loved the twist to maths.. its one of my favorite subjects.. 🙂

    My Rally Post is here:

  14. Papo says:

    i loved your wordplay references & rhyming

  15. dasuntoucha says:

    Interesting piece…very original.

  16. julielaing says:

    A poetic mathematician–I love it! I had a friend at university who was a double major in music and mathematics, and so many of her classmates who were one or the other couldn’t understand how she could excel at both. I think your piece expresses some of the idea.

    And thanks for your comments on my rally entry–I’m happy it rang true!

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  18. Jingle says:

    how r u?
    Letting you know Poets Rally week 32 is on,
    Drop me your entry if you wish to be part of it.
    Thanks a lot,
    Happy November!

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