Age is a state of mind, and I’m here to redefine
‘cuz ya’ll didn’t read the fine – Print!

In order for this nation to be indivisible
We gotta allocate some unconditional – Citizens!
Ready to acquire their requisition, ‘cuz

I’m proud to be Ameri-CAN, and we need to understand
What it means, to take a stand

But politicians are looking out for the – Corrupt!
Down to the bone, lemme show you what they sown
We tired of ‘em gettin’ it wrong,

Breeding a nation ready to revolt!
We’re getting old, living by the rules of the uncontrolled

People in power, gotta see that our hour is coming up
‘cuz really, I don’t give a fuck!
About the failures and defeats, of the indiscrete
Movements of empowerment; when I still gotta pay the – Rent!

Living in the predicate, can only lead, to a lack of etiquette
So let’s be ready to mitigate and abate the irate

This nation is done livin’ on hope
So let’s get out there and Vote!

© Luis Valencia

(This is my first time /EVER/ trying something like this, I should probably leave it to the emcee’s)


About luisydomonique

Poetry Year Long Project between Luis Valencia and the Brilliant, Beautiful, and Vivace Domonique Celeste Alcaraz.
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2 Responses to Tirade

  1. 2zpoint says:

    Still comin’ Rougher! eh…gitcha some Luis! Great poem man 🙂
    Hey… I put you on my “Awesome writers worth reading” list .
    Have a great day man…I like your fire.

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