I wish I could be a kid again
that way, when life gets tough
I could just play pretend.

I want to go back to
when Santa did exist
when daddy was the only boy you kissed
when Disney World was the best place to be
when the only movies you could watch were rated G
& your biggest problem was learning to write your name.

A time when people did not change their friends
and stayed the same.
A time when you were sad or having a bad day
you could just run home to your mommy
& she would make it all okay.

When the best place to shop was Toys ‘R’ Us
when it was so scary to ride a bus
when you stopped crawling and learned to walk.

A time before you had a broken heart
and the pain of being in love
did not

I want to go back to no pain;
just laughter
& when everybody could live happily ever after.


About luisydomonique

Poetry Year Long Project between Luis Valencia and the Brilliant, Beautiful, and Vivace Domonique Celeste Alcaraz.
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