The Physics of Us

Let’s talk about the abstract,
And contemplate how atoms act.
Let’s me and you create the Higgs boson,
Then let me rest on your own bosom.

Our orchestrated dance shall take up 9-branes,
We’ll be together till the end.
Physics dictates it so.
Our atoms are strings bond together in the chateaux.

Located in all times, we’ll point out our string dualities;
Collisions more chaotic than that from the Large Hadron Collider.
All a result of our repressed sexuality,
Released from our shackles our thoughts we’ll decipher.

Let’s work together and achieve Supersymmetry.
It might simplify us, but not enough admittedly.

We’re still six more dimensions than we understand,

© Luis Valencia


About luisydomonique

Poetry Year Long Project between Luis Valencia and the Brilliant, Beautiful, and Vivace Domonique Celeste Alcaraz.
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4 Responses to The Physics of Us

  1. Jingle says:

    yeah, physics,
    fabulous subject,
    your poem is outstanding!

  2. Hmm…great write with a beautiful idea of intertwining physics and poetry.


  3. Artswebshow says:

    wow, this is fantastic

  4. Jingle says:

    remind you the award acceptance,
    u can simply nominate one, insert the image under any poem you have

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