Dear Daddy

Do you ever think of me daddy,
Alone at night
When your cold and crouched in low trenches tight.
Do you dream of me
I hope one day that this will be…
No longer is there darkness,
Nor is there despair.
I dream of us together again
Of us walking hand in hand.

I Remember the day that they took you,
Took you away from mummy and I.
I remember every night,
Hearing her painful cry.

When will the fighting stop
When will you come home.
Mummy needs one of your hugs
I know that she feels alone.
I need you here daddy
To stop the hurt in my heart.
The Sky is bringing dark,
The night will bring more tears.
Come home so you can tuck me in
So I can say goodnight.

© Erika Salmon


About luisydomonique

Poetry Year Long Project between Luis Valencia and the Brilliant, Beautiful, and Vivace Domonique Celeste Alcaraz.
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