Ode to the third planet from the Sun

Earth, oh, Earth
How I love your mirth.
People of all different kinds
with similar yet varying minds.
Living together on your mass,
in different ways that lasts and lasts.

Earth, oh, Earth
mostly water and land.
Seemingly always ready to lend a hand,
Until all differences are put aside
as your inhabitants stand side by side –
in greed.

Earth, oh, Earth
How dear you are to me!
For no other planet can I call home.
Why can’t they all see?
You are becoming nothing but bone.

Earth, oh, Earth
Persistence, I promise.
Sooner (hopefully) than later
They shall all realize.
Working once more, side by side
to keep you you beautiful and alive.



About luisydomonique

Poetry Year Long Project between Luis Valencia and the Brilliant, Beautiful, and Vivace Domonique Celeste Alcaraz.
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