Used to Say

Live day by day
I used to say
Life is long or so I thought
one day-one minute-one hour
Do we have the power
or is it fate?

Born unto mothers – experienced and new
teaching us to do yet with a coo’
Held, fed, changed, and clothed
not one thing done on our own
except – suck.
Is that destiny?
I think not.

In all the seconds, minutes, and days
Life begins to fade
Day by day is not always the way
for LIFE
is connected and lasts
until we, expire.

Breathe, eat, sleep, and live
Think, say, act, and do
for no one can give
your life meaning – but you.



About luisydomonique

Poetry Year Long Project between Luis Valencia and the Brilliant, Beautiful, and Vivace Domonique Celeste Alcaraz.
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